14jan 2023
Silent Retreat Day

One Love Mindfulness

Silent Retreat Day, 14 January 2023 Free your body & mind with a special time-out, just for you

Step out of the noise for a day! 

Leave the constant stream of stimuli behind, let go of the hectic plans and worries which fill your mind, and step into the glorious silence to reconnect to your natural self.

A nurturing day of self-care to rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit. Nothing you have to do, just let yourself be in the present, restoring calm and balance in your life.

Allow yourself to explore mindfulness through calming meditations, fresh, healthy food, revitalizing outdoor walks – and emerge lighter, more joyful and more balanced.

Small group. Qualified Mindfulness Teacher. Secluded location in Delft. English spoken.

Fee: €80

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14 jan 2023
10.00 - 16.00




Silent Retreat Day